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Podcast not updating ios 7

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Derrick Lane, our announcer Joe Steinkamp provides the info for our Master of Ceremonies J. Ahem, cough cough, hear members of the studio audience compete for valuable prizes.

Also, for stuff we didn't want to pack up with us for the trip back home. However, one of the first units to enter the marketplace was the Braille2Go from National Braille press.

I need to be able to put in an i Tunes redirect script. HOWEVER, the file they put into the RSS feed has been renamed. At this point I'm getting negligible plays from the soundcloud website.

PLUS, if you are a podcaster you have to go to your RSS feed, look at the code (have fun with that) and dig out the mp3 file to put into the Powerpress player on your site (I know, why not just use their player). My favorite player for putting in a sidebar is the one from the Blubrry network (free).

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This week we discuss and look into Digi Cert's acquisition of Symantec's certificate authority business unit, Log Me In's Last Pass Premium price hike, the troubling case of Marcus Hutchins' post-Defcon arrest, another instance of Wanna Cry-style SMBv1 propagation, this week's horrific Io T example, some hopeful Io T legislation, the consequences of rooting early Amazon Echoes, the drip drip drip of Wikileaks Vault 7 drips again, Mozilla's VERY interesting easy-to-use secure large file encrypted store and forward service, the need to know what your VPN service is really up to, a bit of errata, miscellany, and some closing-the-loop feedback from our always-attentive terrific listeners.

To learn more about the B2G, or the other wonderful products and services from the National Braille press, visit the product's website. Chancey began her quest by talking with Beth Carrigan, General manager for the game Materia Magica, and she learns how easy it will be for her to play this 22 year old text adventure. Hear Anthony Mattana, founder and CEO of Hook Audio, speak to Chancey about the Verse line of products in an outdoor setting.

With Windows and Screen Reader in hand, you can join the Lady Fleet online in this classic MUD. However, donations are what allows this game to stay as strong as a castle wall. Anthony explains how he came to make his products accessible to the Blind and what he has learned from his attendance at the 2017 NFB Convention. Check out the first Google certified futureproof notetaker with no touchscreen required. Venkatesh Chari, President and CTO of Orbit Research, was one of the busiest people at NFB17. Check out the first Google certified futureproof notetaker with no touchscreen required. Not so long ago, at CSUN17, Buddy found this wearable that allowed you to type on your i Phone by just tapping fingers on any surface.