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See full summary » A police officer's partner has died during Hurricane Katrina, but he later discovers that his partner may have been murdered.An investigation follows, taking the officer and his new partner into the depths of the criminal underworld.- Queens, New York, United States - Saturday 14th June 2014Working in television is a cut-throat industry, keep your figures up or get out.After losing her job on a local news show Becky Fuller finds herself at a loose end.Although Fiddy is returning to the music with Animal Ambition on the way, his former G-Unit member Tony Yayo still seems bitter about their break up and the way he's been treated by 50. And because those albums were hugely successful albums it took a long time for the record to be over for them to get to the next album. Talking to some of the Hot 97 hosts, Fif spoke on the way that crews work and what went wrong for members like Yayo."They're like my little brothers," 50 said of his G-Unit affiliates. It’s because they all had to wait til after the second cycle of their leader. So, it was so long that everybody just became they crew with Nelly. If they [G-Unit] there, they ridin' the wave, they don't know what it's like to have to grind, to get the attention from the very beginning."He admitted, "Maybe I enabled them." Before adding that he still talks to Yayo (although Banks may be a different story), "Yayo's in four of the thirteen videos I shot.

The topics they broached were plentiful, including the New York rap scene and whether or not it's been revived, G-Unit and crews in general, as well as Summer Jam, and 50 sitting on a plane beside Ja Rule and his beef with the rapper (and Rick Ross beef). The story starts out by the numbers, but then it evolves into a more complex plot that keeps you guessing. The ending was the only thing holding this film back from being great.The characters evolve complex arcs, but then the ending extinguishes those arcs before they feel completed.Lunatics, and explained why the individual members didn't exactly pop off."Can you name every member of D12? It caused Lloyd Banks to sell three million records off of the momentum following right off of that. Then Yayo like 800-something thousand…And then it’s like ‘Okay, now we gotta work.’"Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview below. At the 46th Grammy Awards, 50 Cent and fellow rapper Eminem performed whilst wearing "Free Yayo" shirts.