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Bob jones university dating parlor

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I cannot overstate the excitement I felt when I first attended BJU.This was my chance to really begin my young adult life, to really enjoy the Christian peer interaction I had long since craved.

Outsiders may be even interested to know that BJU was so obviously pushing us to date that they had a designated “Dating Parlor” in the student mall area and also required every “Greek” literary society—the BJU version of fraternities and sororities which all students were required to join at the beginning of their freshman year—to have a “Dating Outing” once a year.

In 2008, past president Stephen Jones, great-grandson of evangelist and university founder Bob Jones, apologized for the school’s past racial discrimination.

— Bob Jones University says it will regain its federal tax-exempt status on March 1, more than three decades after the IRS stripped its nonprofit ranking following a landmark U. The conservative Christian university dropped its interracial dating ban in a nationally televised interview with past president Bob Jones III on CNN in 2000.

Bob Jones University’s dating parlor through the decades (1940s — present day) I thoroughly enjoyed and participated in the literary society I joined—I purposefully chose the one my father had been in—so I made sure to attend each dating outing and was also asked throughout my undergrad years to the occasional dating outing from a female friend here and there, but these moments never lead to anything serious.

Moreover, BJU combines on-campus cultural events with social ones, and highly encouraged you to attend these with a date: anything from Bible Conference church services, sporting events, student recitals and performances, and, most importantly, the Artist Series, which was either some classic play or opera or special concert production.