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Only then water crisis can be addressed and the scenario has been studied in detail.

In the event there are no rains in north Tamil Nadu, the possibility of providing adequate water to residents catering above 670 mld can be achieved only by October, admit water managers in Chennai.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee blamed BJP for inciting the violence, and also alleged that the governor Keshari Nath Tripathi had threatened her and said he was acting like a “BJP block president”.“He telephoned me and threatened me. On the communal violence, she warned leaders of both communities that “I won’t spare anybody fuelling communal clashes”.“BJP may provoke, but why will you walk into the trap?

Those who have destroyed government property will have to pay for it,” she said.

Even so, I will try to explain how the psyche of the recruitment agencies in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE works.

The only hope is rains in Cuddalore to recharge Veeranam or release of water from Mettur to boost Veeranam from where water can be pumped for Chennai, the official said.

The majority of the recruitments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are processed through the recruitment agencies.

The first thing a candidate should do is to find out which are the prominent recruitment agencies in Dubai Abu Dhabi if they are looking for a job here in UAE.

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE and you must be careful while choosing the right agencies that match your preferences. No recruitment agency will look at you from compassionate point of view. Let alone a call, you may never receive a reply other than auto response.

Here are a few tips to distinguish the good ones from the not so good ones: These are my experiences. They would not recruit a ‘not so fit’ candidate for the job and put their reputation at stake. They are interested in matching the right / best candidates to the right jobs and get paid. All you need to do is to place the right candidate for the right job. I have noticed some of my friends, sending CV by putting the receiver’s email in the BCC field of the email and sending at once. I recommend that you pick up your phone and call the recruitment agency and ask them to connect to say, Banking or Engineering recruitment department.